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The APSH series can be powered by DC from 18 to 140V
The APSH series can be powered in AC from 18 to 100V


Designed for being well integrated, this driver finds use in those applications characterized by a strong product innovation.
The driver is user friendly and it has a complete range of unique and essential functions.
APSH series is divided into six models covering the entire range of available motors.
Equipped with Fieldbus the driver can be integrated in the application,making available a large number of functions normally delegated to the axis control.

Main features
Available FieldBus: Can Open, Profibus, Profinet, ModBUS
UL certificate
Ultra Low Noise
High power diagnostic system
Single power supply or with separate power and logic
Encoder connections
6 digital input / 1 analog input
3 digital output
Programs storable
Logic Function PLC

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